Aromatherapy Glass Candle
Aromatherapy Candle Refill

Aromatherapy Glass Candle

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Tuscan Olive Hand Crafted Candle

1 per box (each burns 35-40 hours)

  • Clean burning
  • Handmade
  • Mixture of plant waxes (30%) and highly refined paraffin wax.
  • Imported from Florence, Italy – Tuscan Region
  • Mixture of Essential Oils create a unique blend, releasing a warm and harmonious fragrance
  • Glass size 3.15 inch diameter; 2.2 inch height
  • Refills available

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Product Description

Hand Crafted Olive Candles

These cleanly burning, handmade candles of the utmost quality have been created with a mixture of plant waxes (30%) and highly refined paraffin wax.  The most discerning techniques of aromatherapy have been used to create a unique blend of natural essential oils, releasing a warm and harmonious fragrance, which will add elegance and warmth to any environment.

Hand poured in Italian-made glass, decorated and fired in a kiln at 580 degrees Celcius, this candle is made with non-toxic materials and features the characteristic olive motif typical of the Prima Spremitura line by Idea Toscana.

Refills available.

Duration 35-40 hours burn time.

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